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Social Fashion Monster

Social Fashion Monster is an art and fashion brand where through hand-drawn prints a world of imagination is created to make people happy.


The fundamental inspiration behind Social Fashion Monster and the origin of all this creativity are the various paintings and creations of Anna Cortada, the artist and founder of the brand, created.


The paintings she creates are a clear representation of her own imagination, feelings and colours through prints and fabrics.


The products we make are of high durability and with them we want to convey confort, fun, joy and play.


We are thrilled when the Social Fashion Monster follower love the products, feel conforted and are transported to a pleasant memory, to a magical moment, to a sensation and to interpret what the designs suggest to themselves.


Taking care of our environment makes us aware of what we have in front of us. This is why from Social Fashion Monster we want to propose that you accompany us on this artistic journey.


<<Life is art and art is living life.>>

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