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CEO Anna

Social Fashion Monster was established in February 2015 by the artist and fashion designer Anna Cortada. This brand represents Anna’s vision of modern art and fashion through paintings, clothing and performances.

In a nutshell, Anna´s story started when she  was a child when she felt a passion for drawing that drove her to paint every day, she used to draw and make up stories to understand the world. Later in high school, she researched on Textile Printing in Catalonia, everyone advised her to study Fashion Design or textile Printing Design to express herself with colours, textures and imagination. That is what she did.

This is how she decided to merge her carrier and passion, from childish stories to fashion designs extravagant exhibitions and even her own brand SFM.  

At present Anna is based in London and Barcelona. These cities are Anna's inspiration sources for creating and disseminating her artwork and fashion views.

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